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LeuLeu LLc is an order fulfillment company with full services, which helps you improve operations, reduce costs and create a special experience for your customers. We are an e-commerce fulfillment company that offers a full range of order fulfillment services, including fulfillment, drop shipping, relabel, repack, removal, warehousing and so on. Our commitment is to provide personalized attention at the highest level to your business while providing impeccable service is one of our distinct advantages.

Renting out storage space has never been easier. We offer seamless system integration, real-time reporting and customized solutions designed to take your business to the next level. Our expertise in fulfillment and advanced warehouse automation gives you absolute safety so that you can focus on your core business process while we manage your logistics every day.

LeuLeu LLc provides diversified fulfillment solutions for e-commerce merchants, international companies selling to the US market, mid to large-sized companies, and merchants across eBay/Amazon. Faster delivery, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction with LeuLeu LLc.






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3rd Party Fulfillment
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Returns Processing

Why Choose LEULEU?

Our passion for providing unparalleled personalized attention and special service to our customers.

  • Reduce costs and deliver orders faster.
  • Improve your operations by using our advanced warehouse automation and automated order processing systems.
  • Whatever your quantity or seasonal needs, we process your orders quickly with 100% accuracy. Reach customers anywhere in the world, faster and at a lower cost.
  • With our caring and knowledgeable staff, warehouse staff, IT team and account managers, we're always accessible and focused on your business, helping you deliver special service to your customers as well as reacting to situations before they become problems.
    • Lower cost
    • Improved performance
    • Real-time reporting
    • Fast growth


LeuLeu LLc apprehends the special requirements for E-commerce Performance of E-commerce companies. LeuLeu LLc's account managers will give you the care you need and deserve to ensure your e-commerce performance exceeds your customers’s expectations.

We find it important to achieve operational excellence that represents your company's image and standards of customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on supporting our customers' development and can often give you advice to further improve your business and e-commerce operations.


Submitting orders is very easy. We support Email and file transfer.

Maintaining capital intact

Without investment, you have access to a fully staffed warehouse and a modern Warehouse Management Software system.

Flexible cost

Only pay for what you use and save more than what you pay for internal processes.

Save money

Save money on picking and packing and warehousing operations with our affordable rates.

Complex project

We handle complex projects and special requirements such as repackaging.

Shipping discount

We will pass on the shipping discounts that we receive from the carriers due to the high volume of our cargo.

E-Powerhouse's web-based system. You have direct access to your business all day. You can track fulfillment, and order status and generate a 'Real-Time' report with our e-Commerce Fulfillment.


We provide a warehouse for customers to have a card to store goods and will make the transfer if required.

Order Fulfillment

Helping you streamline your operations and get your products to market faster and more efficiently. Our e-powerhouse inventory management technology and automated ordering system ensure accuracy and provide you with real-time reporting and a 24/7 view of your inventory.


Service for sellers. We will gather goods shipped from amazon and re-labeled as soon as the quantity provided by the customer is received.


While fulfilling the customer's requirements, if the product or the box has a problem (torn, not intact), we will re-pack it to help the customer to have a satisfactory product or box before leaving the warehouse.

Returns & removal & repack processing

We set up custom return processing for each customer. We understand that each customer has Inspection Requirements, Quality Control Procedures, and Product Refurbishment and Restoration Requirements. We can repair and repackage your products to ensure that you have minimal waste. Our handling is extremely careful and strict to restore your goods to salable condition. Or throw away unusable goods.

Drop shipping

We manage your Dropshipping professionally. Run your business seamlessly from anywhere in the world with our door-to-door shipping services. Save time, deliver faster and allow us to deliver an outstanding buying experience to your customers. We handle the order-to-delivery process, and you get 24/7 access to your inventory in real time.

Shipping solution

LeuLeu LLc offers comprehensive transportation solutions to support the needs of your business. We save our money for customers by using discounted shipping rates and strategic shipping partnerships. We develop the most efficient shipping strategy for your business and can reduce shipping costs for domestic and international shipments.
Meanwhile, you will not have any problems.
We offer same-day delivery, helping you deliver a special experience for your customers.
Our shipping services include:

  • Small parcel shipping services
  • LTL and bulk shipping
  • International package shipping
  • International freight broker
  • Customs clearance service and handling personal documents
  • Intermodal and rail solutions


If you have questions or want to cooperate, please contact Leuleu. We will respond as soon as possible.


2248 Us Highway 9, Howell, NJ, 07731